Felt 2
Amalia Felt Lugnica
 Alias Lost Queen of Lugnica
Golden Lion
Felt (former)
Gold Breeze (former)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 16
 Hair Color Gold
 Eye Color Red
 Height 164 cm (Arc 25)
156 cm (Arc 1)
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
Lugnician Royal Family
 Occupation 42nd Queen of Lugnica
 Previous Occupation Thief
Royal Candidate
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Emerada Lugnica (ancestor)
Gionis Lugnica (ancestor)
Keith Lugnica (great uncle)
Harmonia Lugnica (great aunt)
Randohal Lugnica (great grandfather)
Zabinel Lugnica (grandfather)
Ford Lugnica (great uncle)
Fourier Lugnica (first cousin)
Jet Lugnica (father)
 Rating SS-
 Mana Ranking S-
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Wind Magic
 Divine Protection Wind
 Aura Color Gold Aura
 Weapon Echidna's Meteor Wand
Knife (former)
• Debuts•
 Story Arc Arc 1

"I hate the Nobility, I hate the Kingdom Knights, I hate this Kingdom, I hate everything about it, so I'm going to throw it all down, so if I'll become the next ruler, I'll destroy everything! each one of you and I will bring some fresh air to this country!"

— Felt, Arc 3

Amalia Lugnica was originally introduced as Felt, a thief who stole Emilia's Insignia but later revealed to be the lost daughter of Jet Lugnica and is actually the true queen of Lugnica.


Felt is a petite girl with medium length golden hair and red eyes. She has a vampire teeth that becomes prominent when she laughs. She normally wears light gear, though Reinhard forces her to wear a dress for official events.

After Arc 20, her hair grew longer and she became taller.


Felt is a stickler when it comes to money due to living in the slums and she hates losing. After the events at the Royal Family House and after her illness, she became way more mature and started to understand other peoples feelings and has promised Emilia and Reinhard after the death of Jens to make the kingdom absolute and kill everyone which is related to the death of Jens.


Divine Protections : Felt has a currently unnamed Divine Protection which Elsa mentions is related to wind. The Divine Protection was demonstrated the first time when Felt dashed towards Elsa Granhiert, unleashing an irregular gust of wind. It is later revealed to be a Divine Protection that was originally created by Gionis Lugnica and was later passed down the Lugnician Royal family for those who were strong enough for it, however, the name is yet unknown.

Equipment : Felt originally wielded a knife, however after the death of Jens, Reinhard van Astrea gave her a staff which was originally used by Echidna, which is also known as Echidna's Meteor Wand

  • Unrequired Mana Gate: This staff is able to cast Yang magic without Felt being able to do so.

Melee fighter: From a young age, Felt physically trained herself to become fully agile and strong at the time of fighting. She is so quick that she could steal the insignia from Emilia without realizing it.

Magic : After the incident at the Royal family house, Felt learned quickly how to use Wind magic.


  • Amalia's is born on 8 August.