Azeroth is the closest world to Runeterra.


The peoples of Azeroth have fought brutally against the demons and their servants, and much blood was, and is still being, shed.

The world of Azeroth was comprised of one major continent. Ulduar is located in the north, Hyjal in the west, Uldaman in the east, and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in the south. At one time, all of the four major continents were part of one large continent known as Ancient Kalimdor. Though some time later a well was created by Azuna Lugnica that was called the Well of Eternity.

When the well exploded at the conclusion of a war, this continent was shattered, leaving behind the continents and islands that exist today. The Forbidden sea is the expanse of water to the east of the Eastern Kingdoms and the Veiled Sea sits west of Kalimdor. Between the continents lies the Great Sea, while at its center lies The Maelstom— a massive chaotic whirlpool over the area where the Well of Eternity once stood. It's believed that a part of the Well still exists in the Rift at the bottom of the vortex.

Continents and NationsEdit

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