Alias Witch of Gluttony
• Characteristics•
 Race Witch
 Gender Female
 Age Around 475
 Hair Color Gray
 Height 165
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Witches of Sin
 Previous Occupation Witch
• Personal Status•
 Status Dead
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Authority Gluttony

Daphne makes children eat so Daphne doesn't need to!

— Daphne

Daphne is the Witch of Gluttony.


Daphne has shoulder length gray hair which she has tied into two tails. She has a fair complexion, a small chest, and is delicate. Her body was placed in a diagonal coffin, tightly secured with physical restraints, with her eyes covered very tightly with a black blindfold.


Daphne's reason for living is to feel full, causing her to care more about amount more than taste, though because she is bulimic she sometimes throws up what she eats. She also likes to give nicknames to people, such as Joens to Jens, Dna Dna to Echidna, Met Met to Sekhmet, Ner Ner to Minerva, Mila Mila to Carmilla, and Tyu Tyu to Typhon.


Authority of Gluttony: Daphne is able to use the Authority of Gluttony.

  • Daphne can make people feel extreme hunger by touching or looking at them. Just one eye was enough to force Jens to experience it, causing him to eat his arm and try to lick his own blood while ignoring everything other than the thought of eating. Despite this, Echidna described Daphne's left eye as "nothing much", stating that she was a terror if she used her right eye or if she "ate" him.


  • Daphne's name refers to 41 Daphne, a large asteroid from the asteroid belt. In Greek mythology, Daphne is known as a naiad, a type of female nymph associated with fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of freshwater.


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