Demon Beasts are monsters that possess magic power.


Demon Beasts are rumored to have been created by a witch to wipe out humanity. They eat mana and any Demon Beasts that have their horns broken follow whoever broke it.

In actuality, Demon Beasts were created by Daphne in an attempt to eliminate starvation from the world. Born "somehow" through her mind and feelings, they were made to eat mana so as to not need a habitat or food, and were made to grow larger and larger to increase the amount of food they would be able to provide when killed. However, because of these two traits, Demon Beasts became far stronger than Humans, causing them to start targeting Humans themselves.

As they were thought to be attracted to the miasma of witches, Magic Beasts were long thought to have a connection with the Witch Cult, however Anastasia has pointed out that they actually try to avoid it.


Three Great Demon BeastsEdit

The Three Great Demon Beasts are a title given to three Demon Beasts that caused the most damage to humanity. They are recognized to be a type of disaster and are given special caution when they appear.


The Oousagi are an unknown type of Demon Beats since right before they appear, their victims are dead already and nobody even knows how they look like.


The Kurohebi, is known to plague its victims with a hundred diseases just by touching them, and any ground that it slithers over is cursed, making anything except Demon Beasts unable to live on it. One person that came into contact with its tongue was scarred with reddish black burns, another had their skin from the neck up covered in reddish black spots that gushed black blood, and another had their body dried up to the point that touching them might break their body apart.

Unlike the Oousagi that can be directed to places and the Hakugei which is under the control of gluttony, the Kokuja is uncontrollable, obeying no one as it moves from place to place. The Kokuja is rumored to be a snake, though no information has been given about it, however a slithering sound has been heard.


The Hakugei is a large dragon Demon Beast that is able to release mist that can cover its surroundings. The mist is actually the mana of the Hakugei that has been modified. There are two types of mist; a mist that the Hakugei swims around in, which is known as the Mist of Mental Contamination  and can also cause mana intoxication, and a second mist dubbed the Mist of Elimination , which is capable of erasing victims along with any memories the surroundings has of them, and both are released from the many mouths across its body. It can also break the spirits of those unprepared with its roar and when faced with heavy attacks it will spawn clones that will split the original Hakugei's power and weight while the original tries to escape or use the clones as a safer way to defeat its opponents. Although unconfirmed, Ley Batenkaitos claims that he could potentially breed and raise the Hakugei if he was given 400 years to do so. The Hakugei was killed by a combined force of members from the Emilia, Crusch, and Anastasia Camps, with Wilhelm dealing the final blow to avenge his wife.