The Elemental Lords are the guardians of the Elements.


Elemental Lords have the power to take control over specific elementals of their own type, but only when those elementals are within the area of its divine presence. This ability does not work on primal or elder elementals. All smaller elementals will obey their Lord unquestioningly. Larger ones usually do also, but should they wish to resist the Lieutenant's commands, they may attempt to do so, but it is unlikely for that to happen. The Elemental Lord can also break another being's control of a summoned or enchanted elemental; those who have control over the elemental will have a difficult time maintaining control. Should the controller maintain command of the elemental, the Elemental Lord may not make another attempt to control or command that elemental for one full day.

Ragnaros the Firelord currently inhabits Azeroth. He was summoned to the gods. It was their purpose to use him for domination. Ironically, he enslaved their society for his own purposes. In the Firelands (Ragnaros' home), Ragnaros and his fire elemental armies are locked in a war with Deathwing for control.

Neptulon, Elemental Lord of Water, is at war with Ragnaros. It is not surprising that many of Neptulon's servants are in Azeroth, working against the other three Lords. Neptulon seems to be utilizing the mortal races to weaken the forces of the other three Elemental Lords without risking his own.

The other two Lords have not attempted to exert their influence on Azeroth to such an extent. Al'Akir holds domain over the Throne of the Four Winds, while Terrania has control over the Maelstrom. Terrania is well known as the most benevolent of the Elemental Lords (all things being relative of course), unlike the chaotic Ragnaros and Al'Akir, or the evil Neptulon.




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