Elsa Granhiert Face
Elsa Granhiert
 Nickname Elisa
• Characteristics•
 Race Vampire
 Gender Female
 Age 20
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Purple
 Height 182
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
Jens Camp
Gusteko Assassins
 Previous Occupation Assassin
Citizen of Gusteko
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Death Cause Suicide
 Relative(s) Meili (partner)
Raylor Granhiert (Younger Brother)
Mellany Granhiert (Younger Sister)
Maija Granhiert (Mother)
Alfheim Granhiert (Father)
 Rating S-
 Mana Ranking F+
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Wind
 Divine Protection Divine Protection of Ghosts
 Semblance Blessing Semblance
 Aura Color Purple Aura
 Weapon Kukri Blades
 Equipment Shadow Cloak
• Debuts•
 Story Arc Arc 1

If i lose my weapons, i use my fangs. If i lose my fangs i use my claws. If i lose my claws, i use my bones. If i lose my bones, i use my life. That is how a Granhiert fights

— Elsa Granhiert, Arc 1 - Your Name

Elsa Granhiert was originally introduced as a assassin working for an Unknown organization. During Arc 6, she fled from her Hometown and joined the Jens Camp to show her respect towards him and his friends. Later in Arc 15, she kissed Jens and revealed that she loved him, right after she sacrificed herself to save Meili and kill Dimtri Guko and died in a burning mansion.


Elsa has long black hair tied into one tail on the left side along with eyes that droop, giving her a gentle aura. She wears a black dress and wields bent black swords from the northern lands.


Elsa is a battle maniac, not even hesitating to injure herself if she can fight strong opponents, which is helped by her abnormal healing rate. This is also shown through her persistence. Despite being a Vampire, she doesn't drink blood, nor does she receive any ill effects when under the sun. Her favorite things are seeing colorful bowels and touching warm looking internal organs. Within combat, she enjoys cleaving through the abdominal region with the intent of tearing the target's bowels out.

After she left her organization, she got a huge personality change and became less maniac and became more kind towards Jens and his friends. She also was immense in love with Jens. She also mentioned that if Jens never entered the loot house, she would most likely me dead and is grateful for that. But she could explain her feelings only when she died.


Elsa Granhiert was born in the extremely cold country of Gusteko. The divide of wealth in Gusteko was fierce, and it wasn't uncommon for lower-class children to be abandoned. Elsa was one of those children, who was abandoned after her failed mission of protecting Fonyai, drinking dirty water to survive. Elsa spent her days stealing objects, and threatening people, she never questioned why she was alive or what happiness was. A shopkeeper Elsa stole from caught her and tried to rape her.

After having her clothes ripped off, Elsa contemplated whether the cold would kill her before the shopkeeper did anything, and her hand happened to pick up a shard of glass. She killed the shopkeeper, but felt nothing about it. What she thought about, however, was how warm blood and guts are. Elsa thought that if there was any happiness in the world, then it is in the warmth and beauty of forgetting the cold, from birth she had nothing, and now she had this, the first definite happiness she had ever found


Skilled Assassin: Elsa is skilled as an assassin, being able to overwhelm opponents such as Nathan Harmonia and Felt. However, she was unable to assassinate Cecilius, and according to Meili she would be unable to kill "Mama".

Blessing : Elsa's recovery ability is known as the Blessing Semblance. There seems to be a condition for it to activate, as Reinhard's attack didn't trigger it.

Divine Protection : According to Beatrice, Elsa has an unnamed Divine Protection.

Magical Weakness: Elsa is incredibly weak against magic.

Equipment: Elsa wields kukri knives and throwing knives which she uses in combat. She keeps spares inside of her clothes in case she needs them.


  • Elsa's birthday is April 29


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