Nation Gusteko
 Status Inactive
 Population 1.500.000 (former)
around 100 (currently)
 War Status 1 attack lost

Fonyai is the former capital of Gusteko.


The Capital exists in 5 layers, the 5th is the extremely poor layer where people of higher ground are actually allowed to do anything they want to the ones of the 5th layer. People in the 5th layer have most of the times no houses and live in the forests. The 4th layer is a not well layer, with a lot of abandoned children and sick people. Dying is common in the 4th layer.

The 3rd layer is called the “General Layer”. People have actual houses but don’t have enough money to actually live of it, so they start working for the Prince of Gusteko. The 2nd layer is the noble layer where the rich and noble citizens live. Most houses are decorated with Mana Flowers and Gold. The 1st layer is where the Prince’s Palace is. People of his family are allowed to live in the palace under certain circumstances.


Somewhere in the past, the sorcerers and the shamans integrated to Fonyai.

5 year ago, Pandora and Regulus attacked Fonyai and succeeded with destroying it.