Gusteko familyis the Royal Family of Gusteko. In contrast to the other countries, Gusteko's royal family exists of multiple distant families like the Washuu family.


The Gusteko family are known by their selfishness and greed. They prefer saving their own life than those of their citizens. However, Alyosha Gusteko was actually one of the first princes that made the country improve.

They used to resident in the Gusteko House that was build in Fonyai, however after Pandora, Hector, and Regulus Corneas defeated Odglass and brainwashed it with the power of Pandora's Authority, it got frozen entirely including all the citizens that lived there. Somehow, the family knew that and moved away from Fonyai and moved to the new capital, Zolodo.


Distant familiesEdit

  • The Washuu family was considered to be one of the closest families to the Gusteko family.