"Welcome in the Stark district of the city. Also known as the abandoned district. I heard you are a newcomer in Icathia, don't expect something good from it."

— N, describing Icathia.

 Nation Icathia
 Status Active
 Population 500.000 (nobles)
2.000.000 among the poor
 Head Diara
 War Status Inactive

Icathia is the capital and is the most important country in Lugunica.


Icathia is located in the centre of Lugunica, and its outline is roughly shaped like a diamond, with a point in each cardinal direction (north, south, east, west). This is because the river mouth flows from southwest to northeast. Many maps simply tilt the viewing angle so that the river is drawn flowing straight across the bottom, with the southeast side of the city at the bottom and the northwest side at the top, and the overall city appears to have a simple square shape.

The city was built around three large hills. The largest is Satella's Hill, located on the eastern corner, on which the Karsten house was built.