Gusteko Illustrated
is a country located to the north of Lugnica. It is also known as The holy kingdom of Gusteko,



Since it is in the north, it is a cold country, it also has an extreme disparity in wealth, with the abandonment of common children among the poor.


Gusteko has an assassin organization that consisted of Elsa and Meili, which is currently being led by a person called Mama.


In Impacta, there are not only abandons, but also there are witches who use magic to kill and weaken people, which is generally known as a curse. However, these are only a subclass of users of magic and spiritual arts of the place, some people comment that "they are useless" and "they do not take them in serious". It could be said that Impacta was also a victim of Satella's attacks.


Fonyai : A giant city, formerly the capital. It had four districts also known as Layers. With the outer two being the poor and the inner two being the nobles and the rich citizens. Fonyai got frozen entirely with it's citizens by Pandora.

Holy Gusteko Impacta Capital : The Holy Gusteko Impacta Capital, commonly known as Gusteko, is the current capital of Impacta.

Mirula : Mirula is a small city and is the Wind Gate City.