Kingdom Lugnica
Kingdom of Lugnica is the country where the most of the story takes place.



The Kingdom of Lugunica is a large country located on the eastern side of the continent. The Royal Capital is the center that has a population of approximately 300,000 inhabitants, along with six other large cities located in the form of hexagram with populations of 200,000 to 300,000 people. There are other small towns, villages, villages, settlements or other safe areas, and others protected by the Royal Guard, a military force that protects the country. However, there are also dangerous places like caverns, dark forests and slums that have no protection.

This country seems to have typical medieval culture and has the presence of different races, generally human and semihuman. The transport they use are mostly dragons, although others use Ligers. Lugunica was ruled by the royal family for generations, until they died. Because of that, a group of wise men took over the country, and currently there are five candidates who were selected to govern it.

Royalty GovernmentEdit

Lugunica has long been run by a monarchy. It was governed by a member of the royal family with the title of Lion King, while the others were part of royalty, as princes and princesses. Although they had royal blood, only a few possessed the qualities to become the next king. It is unknown whether a king can be overthrown if he abuses power, as Felt during the selection threatened everyone with destroying the country. However, this could be due to Volcanica, the dragon that protects Lugunica, it chose her like candidate to the throne.

In actual selection, when it comes to putting the survival of one's dominion in the hands of another one puts in debt the ability to govern, so it could be left out of the event, unless the person is offered a gain who comes. It is also known that if the future king is single, he will start receiving marriage proposals every day, and will only accept if it is convenient, although some reject it to avoid having problems in the factions. It is unknown how long the kings ruled the country, but it is known that the Council of Elders has been controlling Lugunica for almost two years.


Although it is not completely clear, Lugunica mentions that the Gods exist, since in Arc 2, Ram told Jens that "only they knew what the great dragon was looking for" at the time of studying.

For the Witch Cult, Satella is like a deity, while to others she is only a "demonic elf", since she almost destroyed the world. It is known that every archbishop of the cult has a gospel, from which they follow their lazy steps to serve his love to her. Petelgeuse mentioned that Emilia was a perfect vessel to bring Satella back if he did a test, it is unknown if it could work, since Jens prevented it.


As for work, people tend to use Holy Coins, and logically do not accept another kind of money coming from another country, since it would not do them any good. The price of things changes from time to time, and the most valuable in Lugunica are iron products, which Crusch uses.


In Lugunica, the duration of the day is divided into sweet, bright hours and another twelve dark hours, with such a twenty-four hour all day. One way of guiding is with a sighted glass similar to the clock, from noon to 6 of the bright hours the element of wind was shown (green), and for the remaining 6 bright hours it was of fire (red color). In the first 6 dark hours it was the water (blue color), and in the last 6 hours it showed the earth (yellow color).



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