Nation Kingdom of Lugnica
 Status Active
 Population 2.050.000
 Head Sage Council
 War Status 16 Attacks resisted

Nastra is the capital of Kingdom of Lugnica.


Close up is a large city with a population of approximately 300,000 people. It is one of the most important places as it has a great economy. Meetings are held in the capital to discuss topics such as politics or important events, there are usually talks about the actual selection. Below are the slums, a place full of poverty and young thieves, the most recognized is Felt. Nearby was a stolen warehouse, but was destroyed by Reinhard. Nastra is known as the "royal capital" of Lugunica. It has the largest population of all cities combined and is known to be one of the most friendliest. The Capital is also one of the few cities that allow Demi-Human's


Emerada Lugnica was born in a village known as Nastral and became soon the leader of them all. She was known as the Mother of Earth, she was intellegent and strong minded. Making her the first of all to be from the Royal Bloodline. during the First Great Lugunica War Nastra got completly destroyed by Pain.


Klein's Blacksmith :

Nastra Academy