Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti
 Nickname Geuse
• Characteristics•
 Race Spirit
 Gender Male
 Age 400+
 Hair Color Dark Green
 Eye Color Black
 Height 180 cm
 Weight Around 50 kg (first body)
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Witch Cult
 Previous Occupation Sloth Sin Archbishop
• Personal Status•
 Status Deceased
 Death Cause Killed by Jens
 Rating SSS
 Mana Ranking B-
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Earth Magic
 Authority Sloth
 Aura Color Dark Green Aura
• Debuts•
 Story Arc Arc 5
 Mentioned Arc 4 (mentioned)

"I will complete the Gospel, for love, for diligent, for sloth, for pride, for Satella!"

— Petelgeuse, facing Jens

Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti  was a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing sloth.


Petelgeuse has short dark green hair that is cut neatly along with gray emotionless eyes. He wears a black, green, and red robe along with clerical attire.

A hundred years ago, his appearance was mostly the same, except that he had a tough yet gentle look. He had a sinewy and tall body, longer dark green hair and also wore a black clerical robe.


Petelgeuse prefers to talk while in weird positions, such as tilting his head or bending his waist, and also likes to injure his own body. His principles of living consist of diligence and love, his reason for living to prove that. His love for Satella is the largest among the Sin Archbishops. He diligently follows orders, always acting first in various situations, causing his name to be well known.

A hundred years earlier, Petelgeuse was a moderate, upright and rational man. He was close friends with Fortuna and Emilia, enough to be described as being like a family. However, when Regulus and Pandora attacked their village, he accidentally killed Fortuna through Pandora's power, causing him to go mad.


Authority of Sloth: Petelgeuse was able to use the Authority of Sloth until his Witch Genes were taken by Jens following his death.

  • Sloth
    • Petelgeuse can let out a black wave toward his surroundings, corrupting the minds of those who have no knowledge of Spirit Magic. Those affected experience hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and severe pain, then expose the whites of their eyes, foam at the mouth, and are nearly driven mad.
  • Unseen Hand
    • Petelgeuse can cause physical interference by creating an invisible force field in the shape of a hand. The effect area, power, and number of hands is based on the user. Normally, Petelgeuse is only able to use seven hands, however if the Witch Genes he used to make people into his fingers returns to his body, he is able to summon even more hands. He can also combine hands together to increase their size.

Earth Magic: Petelgeuse was able to use Earth magic and was skilled in it.

Possession: As a Spirit, Petelgeuse can possess others' bodies, with Jens describing it as a forcible one way contract. Compatibility varies between people, which depends on whether the person has an affinity for Spirits, as he mentioned that Jens's body was optimal while Ferris and Wilhelm's bodies were incompatible for various reasons. To make other people into his fingers, he adds Witch Genes to their body that allows him to possess them, as he can possess people with an affinity for Spirits but needs to make normal people into his fingers first.


  • Red Star is the common Japanese nickname for Betelgeuse.


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