Regulus Corneas
Regulus Corneas
 Alias Golden Eclipse
Planet's Reaper
Greedy King
 Nickname Marcus
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age Twenties (appearance)
2000 (actual)
 Hair Color White
 Eye Color Gold (currently)
Red (authority of greed)
 Height 180 cm
 Weight 55 kg
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Witch Cult
 Previous Affiliation 6th continent
 Occupation Greed sin archbishop
 Previous Occupation Citizen
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Death Cause Killed over 231 times
 Disease/Condition Shamak Curse by Beatrice and Jens
 Relative(s) Echidna (possessed)
 Rating Z
 Mana Ranking SSS+
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Yin
 Divine Protection Divine Protection of Yang Art
 Authority Authority of Greed
 Contracts Echidna (as his mother of life)
 Semblance Lion Semblance
 Aura Color White Aura
 Weapon Hidden Swords
 Equipment Witch Cult Leader Cloack
• Debuts•
 Main Arc Arc 24 till Arc 30
 Story Arc Arc 4
 Mentioned Arc 3

"Why would you even want to fight for that half elf? Join the Witch Cult and i will create a world where you can live who you really are Sin Archbishop of Pride. Join me and i will show you the real world which Emerada Lugnica stole from us!

— Regulus Corneas, Convincing Jens to join the Witch Cult, Arc 11

Regulus Corneas is the main antagonist in the Re;Kingdom series. He is the leader of the Witch Cult and is the Sin Archbishop of Greed


Regulus is described to have a "normal" appearance, with features that aren't handsome yet not ugly. He has a thin body along with white hair that isn't long nor short, nor arranged in a strange way. His black clothes follow the same concept, making him ordinary enough that people would forget about him soon after spotting him.


Regulus is talkative, tending to describe himself as "unselfish" despite representing greed, and often goes on and on about plausible theories, though in actuality he forces his own selfishness on others and tries to justify it. If his opponents say something that goes against his opinions, he finds unreasonable faults in them, becoming angry while accusing them of "violating his rights".


Regulus Corneas met Echidna 2000 years ago. She explained that she will commit suicide and give him the Genes of Greed. And if he will succeed his mission, he will be able to create a world of his desire. Echidna commited suicide and he obtained the Greed title.

Sometime later, Regulus left his country and travelled to Lugunica to find a team to form the Witch Cult.


Authority of Greed : Regulus is able to use the Authority of Greed.

  • Stillness of an Object's Time
    • The user can stop the time of themselves or anything they're wearing, touched, or even their breath. This stops any interference from outside and only allows the user's interference outwards. This negates any attack against the user, and if the user waves their hand anything in its trajectory is cut no matter the toughness. Atmosphere released from the stillness can cause shockwaves, gravel thrown around can become inevitable shots, and it can enable the user to travel at extremely high speeds. Normally, multiple uses of this ability can be deadly as the user's own heart also stops, however it can be circumvented when combined with another of the Authority of Greed's abilities.
  • Lion's Heart or Small King
    • The user merges their heart with one of the people of his kingdom, or in other words any woman that the user has confirmed to be their wife. With this, the user can use the effects of Stillness of an Object's Time as long as they wish to. As it is only a pseudo heart, even if the merge is destroyed the only aftereffect is that the user bears the burden again. Any conditions or effect area haven't been shown.
  • Fallen Souls
    • Regulus is able to soak the soul out of someone, consuming their life time and expanding his.

Yang Magic : Regulus is according to Priscilla Barielle a skilled Yang mage. If priscilla, The strongest Yang Mage would fight against him, she would probably win though she would have some serious injuries.

Yin Magic : Regulus is able to use simple yin magic like Shamak. He is not as good with Yin like with Yang.


  • His namesake is a reference to the star Regulus, which is the brightest star in the Leo constellation.


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