Ymir Fritz makes a deal with the Devil
The Royal Family is the family that rules the United kingdom of Lugunica.


Originally, people thought that the royal family was chosen by the citizens, which is false. 2000 years ago, Emerada made a contract with the Earth Devil, which was later confirmed to be Echidna. In that contract was stated that Emerada and her bloodline will gain the powers of the Truth. Only the royal family had the knowledge of the truth and of the origin of the world. The Truth is being passed over to all the remaining alive members of the family. When hearing the truth, you only have 13 years to live. This is also known as the Truth of Emerada.

Raven Branwen later stated that Ymir Lugnica gave an half of the Lugnician Royal Blood to the noble Reiss Family which made them also the true rules of Lugunica.


Kings and QueensEdit