The Sanctuary
 Nation Kingdom of Lugnica
 Status Active
 Population 100
 Head Roswaal L Mathers

The Shrine, also called Cemetery of the Witch of Greed is a village created by Echidna, who was protected by the Mathers for generations.


The village itself is a group of buildings situated in the middle of a large clearing inside a forest where only the demi humans live.


As she was pursued by Hector, Echidna called a group of semihumans to take refuge in a clearing, only to lock them later, creating a barrier with the help of Lewes Meyer. Eventually, he created copies of Lewes to experiment with immortality, however, it soon became sealed by Volcanica. After this, copies of Lewes administered the Sanctuary, and the Mathers family chose to protect the cemetery for several years.

One day, Roswaal L. Mathers took the homeless family of Reala to the Sanctuary to live, however, she then left her two children, Frederica and Garfiel, alone. As it was a human room, Frederica managed to escape from the Sanctuary, however, Garfiel stayed, so he began receiving letters from Frederica when she began working as a maid for Roswaal.

Eventually, Roswaal returned to try to complete Echidna's tests in an apparent attempt to free the half-human, but he was wounded, so he could not return to his mansion. Suddenly the villagers of the Irlam village appeared after being evacuated by merchants associated with Jens, who soon arrived with Emilia to help them return to the village and free of the Witch Cult. In that, Roswaal convinced them both to carry out the trials for him, and once this was done, the Sanctuary barrier disappeared, copies of Lewes were controlled by Emilia, and all the semihumans left the place, leaving the land uninhabited.



It is what prevents the semihumans from escaping from the place. Anyone who approaches will begin to lose consciousness and feel as if their existence is disturbing. The barrier verifies the blood of those who approach it and only affects those it clearly determines as semihumans, while others can easily escape.


It is the main base of the Lewes copies. In one room there is a Lewes inside a glass, another that protects it and the third explores the Sanctuary.


  • Originally when someone was approaching the Shrine barrier he lost consciousness, but got decided to change it.