This page is about Shaula Vayne, the sage of the Flugel Tower. For the Pleiades sage and the actual sage see Shaula

Vayne human form
Shaula Vayne
 Alias The Sage
 Nickname Vayne
• Characteristics•
 Race Sage
 Gender Female
 Age Around 21 ( Looks )
500+ (Actual)
 Hair Color Dark Blue
 Eye Color Red
 Height 186
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Icathia
 Previous Affiliation Flugel
 Occupation Sage
Guardian of the Flugel Tower
 Previous Occupation Sage Apprentice
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Flugel (teacher)
 Rating X+
 Mana Ranking SS+
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Yin
 Semblance Silver Semblance
 Aura Color Bordeaux Aura
 Weapon Silver Hunter
 Equipment Glasses of Revealing
• Debuts•
 Main Arc Arc 17
 Story Arc Arc 4
 Mentioned Arc 3

"Let us hunt those who have fallen for the Witch"

— Shaula

Shaula is the current Sage. She was the apprentice of Flugel, who was a main character in the sealing of the Witch of Envy 500 years ago. Flugel asked her to defend the Flugel Tower.


Shaula is a slim, long lady with black hair. She can be seen as an "dangerous woman", though she can be really nice if you're not going to do anything with the Flugel Tower.


Shaula is an egoistic woman. She doesn't care about anyone or anything, except the Flugel Tower. Shaula can be really nice, if you get along with her. Though Shaula sometimes has moments, where she hesitates if she can trust certain people like Echidna and Nathan Harmonia.


Sage: Shaula is the current Sage and because of this, she has the powers of the previous sage and all of the benefits that a Sage holds.

  • Flugel Attribute : Shaula has no weakness attribute. She is strong enough to protect herself against every sort of magic.
  • Forms : Shaula has 2 forms she can enter, because she is a sage
  • Sage Form : Shaula enrages herself and makes her power not 100% but over 350%. All powers are boosted with a multiplier of 3.5
  • Demon Sage Form : Even though Shaula cant enter this form anymore, she knew she could enter it, because Flugel once learned her. Though she doesn't know what it does and what powers it holds, and she doesn't know how to re-enter this form again.

Yin Magic : Shaula can use Yin magic, which 95% of the Yin mages do not know about.

Immense Power : Shaula has immense power. She could easily beat every Sin Archbishop (all at the same time). She does not need her weapon for this immense power

Blessing of Phoenix : Shaula can die 5 times a year.


  • Shaula's Birthday is on 31th December.


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