This is the Story line of Re;Kingdom.

There are also Side-Stories of Re;Kingdom. These Side-Stories can be found in the synopsis of the character featuring in the Side-Story.


Prehistoric events are followed by "B1", indicating that they predate Year 1 of the given calendar system used in the Re;Kingdom world. Historical events and story events preceded by "c." are approximations based on given information and are not to be considered exact dates, and may be subject to change as new information is given.

Year Event
Unknown Regulus Corneas injected a serum he got of an unknown source with the first witch genes. Making him the strongest Authority user alive.
Unknown Satella took incompetible witch genes and became the Witch of Envy.
Unknown Regulus and Sirius A created a portal to Runeterra. They arrived at Freljord where Historia and Yraya we're
1003 B1 The Royal Family ancestor, Emerada Lugnica, created an contract with the Earth Devil. Through this source, she gained the knowledge of the power of the Witches of Sin. With her knowledge, she is able to turn her subjects into mindless slaves that she can controll, this was one of the many cruel things Emerada did to her kingdom.
990 B1 For reasons unknown, she died 13 years later due to a disease, and the news of her death was hidden for a while. As the national sentiment was against it, she wasn't given a state funeral, with a surface reason claiming that it wasn't possible under their current circumstances. The knowledge the only person in the entire world ever had, was gone. And because she made a contract with the Devil of Earth, the devil unleashed the Witches of Sin since in the contract was stated that if Emerada would die because of her own wrong choices, the devil would unleash the sins across Lugunica.
399 Emilia, Fortuna, Petelgeuse and the whole Elior Forest got attacked by Pandora and Regulus Corneas. Fortuna got killed by Pandora and Petelgeuse gone crazy following to join the Witch Cult. Emilia however kept protecting the seal inside Elior Forest. Though when Emilia heard Fortuna was dead, Emilia froze the whole forest, including herself. Pandora escaped along with Greed and Sloth.

Jens got summoned to Lugunica

Even een TestEdit

Arc 25 - Lugunica War III.

Dit wordt een van de grootste Arcs

Arc 26 - Lack of Time

Waarschijnlijk geintroduced na Arc 20

Arc 27 - The journey to the tower of power

oh hell yes.

Arc 28 - Goddesses of History

Like, wtf was i thinking

Arc 29 - Offer your Heart

Too much blood

Arc 30 - Love

Too much feels

Main StorylineEdit

Side StoriesEdit


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