This is the Story line of Re;Kingdom.

There are also Side-Stories of Re;Kingdom. These Side-Stories can be found in the synopsis of the character featuring in the Side-Story.

The Timeline is shown WITHOUT the non-completed loops of Jens. Only the final loop is stated in the story.



  • The Four Great World Spirits created Lugunica.
  • The Earth Devil kept wandering over Lugunica to find a good vessel for it's plans.
  • 3000 years later:
  • The Od Laguna appears as a storage of prana located at the origin of the world. The whole planet was inhabited by humans, semihumans and other creatures, with the Od energy within them.
  • The Od Laguna created the humanoid creatures known as Humans and Spirits.
  • The Earth Devil created the half human half beast species, known as Demi Human's
  • Strangely, on a shore where apparently the world ends, there appears a stream of water that falls to nothing, earning the name of "great waterfall."
  • A man named Hoshin of the Desert founded Kararagi.
  • A royal family rules the Volakia Empire.
  • Emerada Lugnica found the Kingdom of Lugnica and started to create villages and the Capital city. She quickly became the ruler of the Kingdom of Lugnica.
  • Ten years later:
  • the Royal Family ancestor, Emerada Lugnica, came across the Earth Devil. Through this source, she gained the knowledge of the power of the Witches of Sin. She is able to turn her subjects into mindless slaves that she can controll, this was one of the many cruel things Emerada did to her kingdom.
  • Sometimes later, Emerada Lugnica decided to share her Authorities. After her death, they will be useless so she decided to give it to people who she thought we're worthy and had the necessary qualities.
  • Emerada Lugnica met the time travel version of Jens and gave him the Witch Genes of Pride.
  • 13 years later:
  • She died at a young age due to a disease, and the news of her death was hidden for a while. As the national sentiment was against it, she wasn't given a state funeral, with a surface reason claiming that it wasn't possible under their current circumstances.
Ford y Volcanica - Manga

Gionis and Volcanica contract

  • Volcanica makes a contract with Gionis Lugnica to protect Lugunica, so they sold the symbol of the Lion King to the Karsten House and replaced him with one of the dragon.
  • Consteria, Maguro, Glacier and Zarestia appear as the four most powerful spirits, who were not involved in the affairs of the world.
  • Glacier becomes fond of the other races, and they considered her the mother of Gusteko.
  • Years after the Dragon contract, the sorcerers came to Gusteko.
  • On some occasions, Volakia entered into conflicts with Lugunica.

Years during the Sealing WarsEdit

  • The Sekhmet clan expected the birth of a child they were sure to bring back to their founder known as God.
  • Date unknown:
  • On 13 August Sekhmet was born, much to the clan's disappointment, that they decided to leave her.
  • One year later:
  • On January 24, Echidna is born.
  • Two year later:
  • On June 19 Carmilla is born.
  • Date Unknown:
  • On 20 July Minerva was born.
  • Satella is born.
  • Daphne is born.
  • Typhon is born.
  • Petelgeuse is born.
  • Reid Astrea becomes the first Sword Saint.
  • Flugel trains his apprentice, Shaula.
  • Years later (of birth)
  • A group of men capture Sekhmet in the mountains, being forced to be with them. Eventually, Sekhmet breaks the men's neck where he lived, then returned to his homeland to murder his entire clan, and returned to his previous home in order to bury the men he killed.
  •  A man with an incurable disease decides to prolong his life experimenting with people and manages to reach its objective using the body of Daphne, that when starving, ate everything in the castle. Daphne creates the mabestias as a food source to avoid starvation, in the process fought with them, destroying their bonds and escaping from the castle. The mabestias also spread all over the world.
  • Echidna tries to protect the things she wants, although she was not able to do something for herself. Then she begins to use people with common interests to achieve her goals, no matter how much she loses or is hurt.
    • Couple of days later, Echidna meets the Earth Devil and created a contract which is currently known as the Devil Witch Contract. It made Echidna go insane as she understood that she could have the ability to protect everyone she loves and create a new world. Mad Echidna started creating plans to destroy this world and create a new one. All the necessary qualities are stated in the Contract.
  • A man of power comes to a village, where people loved Carmilla, and wanting to want her, the villagers burned him with his mansion. Carmilla's strength confronted any group that was against her for being dangerous. When they made a great country fall, Carmilla disgusted by the situation rejected her boyfriend's marriage proposal and left everything behind.
  •  As the world around Minerva struggled constantly, she used to cry. Minerva trains to dissuade the combatants, however, being useless, he chose to beat them, which resulted in the healing of his wounds, and traveled around the world to help needy people.
  • Accidentally Typhon breaks his father's wine glass, and fearing that he would execute her, he forgave her. Due to the example of his father, Typhon began to ask people if they were sinners and punished those who were guilty.
  • Date unknown:
  • Satella, Echidna, Minerva, Typhon, Daphne, Sekhmet and Carmilla unite, forming the Witches of Sin.
  • Somewhere later, Pandora and Hector joined the Witches of Sin with unknown reasons.
  • Echidna decides to train Roswaal which was a part of the necessary qualities of the Devil Witch Contract.
  • Daphne in an attempt to feed humanity, creates Hakugei, Oousagi and Kurohebi, the Three Great Demon Beasts
    Novela Ligera 14 - Captura 8

    Roswaal defeated by Hector

  • As Hector began to persecute Echidna, this one called to some discriminated semihumans to take shelter in its Sanctuary, only to lock them with the aid of Lewes Meyer, in order to be protected.
  • Echidna experiences immortality, so she created four copies of Lewes with her memories.
  • Roswaal confronts Hector in an attempt to protect his teacher, however, he lost.
  • After rescuing Roswaal, Echidna creates Beatrice to take care of all her knowledge in the library of the Roswaal mansion before personally arranging accounts with Hector. He also created Pack, whom he sent to wander the world.
  • The Book of Wisdom was created, also known as Gospels while Echidna had the original, Roswaal and Beatrice kept complete copies, and the Witch Cult had cheap copies.
  • Satella steals the genes of the witches, creating the personality of the Witch of Envy. However, she went mad and lost control.
  • Satella leaves half of the world dry, but was stopped by Volcanica, Reid Astrea and Flugel, who sealed it. Because of that, her powers were taken over by the archbishops of the Witch Cult.
  • Flugel gave the credit for his victory to Shaula, then planted a seed in a field, whose place was called Flugel Tree because of its large size.
  • Minerva goes crazy to death in a trap.
  • Carmilla dies burned in a fire.
    Lewes Meyer Original

    The Original Lewes Meyer Crystallized

  • Daphne starves in a desert.
  • Typhon dies drowned in a flood.
  • Sekhmet dies falling from the great waterfall when fighting against Volcanica.
  • Echidna collects the souls of her friends until it was sealed in the Sanctuary by Volcanica.
  • Echidna wanders in the lands of the 6th continent and meets Regulus Corneas. She explained her plan and kills herself, giving him the Witch Genes of Greed. However, Regulus was incompetible with the genes, getting a broken personality which is similair to Echidna's.
  • Regulus Corneas created the Witch Cult together with Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti as a non terrorist organization which didn't worship the Witches.
  • The copies of Lewes Meyer administered the Sanctuary, but one of them betrayed them, having a proper name, Sphinx. On the other hand, the original Lewes Meyer was enclosed in a glass.
  • Determined to avenge the death of his teacher, Roswaa swore he would someday kill Volcanica, beginning to use his magic to possess his descendants for generations.
  • Reid Astrea dies, so his powers of Sword Saint began to pass to his descendants.
  • The Royal Guard is founded.

400 years after the SealEdit

  • Regulus gets 78 wives.
  • Unknown Date:
    Fortuna killed by Pandora

    Fortuna killed by Pandora

  • On September 23, Emilia was born. Although she did not know his deceased parents, she was raised by Fortuna and Geuse.
  • Seven years later:
  • Pandora finds a sealed cave and assumed that to open it she needed Emilia, whom she considered the "Daughter of the Witch".
  • Pandora leads the Witch Cult and Regulus Corneas to the Elior Forest to take the half elf. In the midst of all the chaos caused, Regulus left, yet Pandora ended them all. Emilia, seeing them all dead, froze the area, including herself. Annoying, Pandora seals her memories and leaves with Geuse turned into a madman.
  • 3 years later:
  • Regulus Corneas reunites with Pandora and somehow recreated Emerada Lugnica and turned her into Capella Emerada Lugnica.
  • Unknown Date:
  • Geuse becomes a maniacal archbishop of sloth, eventually calling himself Petelgeuse, and decided to use methods to bring Satella back to the world.
  • Two years later:
  • Regulus Corneas meets Louis Arneb and recruited him for the Witch Cult for the Gluttony spot, which was abscent for a long time.
  • Ten years later:
  • Harmonia Lugnica, the 39th King of Lugnica and Keith Harmonia we're protecting the 40th king of Lugnica when Regulus and Capella infilitrated the Lugnica house. Capella killed Harmonia with one Fire Blade. Keith didn't revealed who was the real Naturales and made Regulus angry. Regulus killed Keith with Stillness of an Objects time and took both Nathan and Sirius with him.
  • Regulus and Capella took the two boys with them and put them in a Void Time room where time goes really slowly.

450 years after the sealEdit

  • Roswaal J Mathers becomes Lugunica's most powerful sorceress.
  • Carol Remendis starts working as Roswaal's bodyguard.
  • Valga Cromwell is born on February 20th.
  • On May 7 Wilhelm van Astrea is born.
  • Thearasia van Astrea becomes the new Sword Saint.
  • Humans developed a deeper fear of people like Satella, targeting all middle races until they spread to the same demihumans.
  • After a conflict between a human and a semi-human village, they decided to hold a peace conference, but those in the castle died, leading both sides to declare that it was the other's fault, starting the Demi-Human war.
  • Five years later:
    Demi Human War

    The Demi-Human war

  • In a battle, Wilhelm saves Grimm Fauzen from being killed.
  • Later, Wilhelm agrees to fight alongside Grimm and his squad
  • Days later:
  • In another conflict, the squad falls into a trap, Wilhelm unlike the others ran forward to survive, with Grimm following him.
  • Other groups fell into the same trap, causing many deaths, and, leading them to lose.
  • The next day:
  • Wilhelm and Grimm are recruited into the Zellfger squadron by Pivot Arnancy.
  • Days later:
  • The team is assigned to accompany Roswaal to study the traps of the semihumans, facing surprise to the animated corpses of Sphinx and killing to a traitor, Torta. Later, Libre Fermi leaves Sphinx and Valga Cromwell.
    Wilhelm defeated

    Wilhelm defeated

  • Three years later
  • Wilhelm arrives at a clearing to train, where he meets Thearesia and they used to meet daily.
  • Weeks later:
  • Lugunica's army fell back into the trap, losing more than sixty soldiers.
  • Months later:
  • The demihumans reveal themselves through Lugunica, Wilhelm analyzes that it was a decoy to attack the castle, and together with the squadron, they finally defeated Sphinx, Libre and Valga, the latter survived. Because of that, Wilhelm was promoted as a knight.
  • Taking the time to meet Thearesia, she accompanied Wilhelm to her home to protect her people from another semihuman attack, but as he was outnumbered, Thearesia intervened, eliminating a large number of opponents within seconds before the reinforcement.
  • Weeks later:
  • In the clear, recovered Wilhelm confronts Thearesia for hiding the truth, but this defeated him and chose not to return another day.
  • Two years later:
  • The Semihuman War ended by almost ten years of struggle. The semihumans declared that it would be no good to continue fighting, and they continued to deny being responsible for what happened at the beginning of everything. This was also possible thanks to the great contribution of Thearesia.
    Wilhelm's revenge on Thearesia

    Wilhelm's revenge

  • During a ceremony for the Saint of the Sword, appears Wilhelm, who fought against Thearesia, and when conquering it, declared to him its love.
  • Date unknown:
  • Vincent Volakia becomes the new Emperor of the Vollachia Empire.
  • Roswaal L Mathers becomes Lugunica's most powerful sorcerer.
  • Wilhelm and Thearesia have their son, Heinkel van Astrea.
  • Valga gets killed by Capella's blood.
  • Meckart Karsten is born.
  • Ten years later: (after the birth of Meckart Karsten)
  • Marcos Gildark is born.
  • Seventeen years later:
  • On April 29 Elsa Granhiert is born.
  • Unknown date:
  • Marcos Gildark becomes captain of the Royal Guard.
  • Biehn Argyle becomes leader of the Argyle House.
  • Meckart Karsten becomes leader of the Karsten House.
  • Russell Fellow becomes a representative of the Merchants Guild.
  • One year later: (after the birth of Elsa Granhiert)
  • On March 10 Anastasia Hoshin is born.
  • One year later:
  • Julius Juukulius is born on July 7, and is adopted by his uncle, Alviero Juukulius.
  • Frederica Baumann is born.
  • One year later:
  • Otto Suwen was born on March 24.
  • Crusch Karsten is born on April 4.
  • One year later:
  • On January 1, Reinhard van Astrea was born.
  • On January 16 Felix Argyle was born, who was mistreated by his parents for having cat appendages and is locked in the basement of the Argyle mansion for several years.
  • On September 7 Priscilla Barielle is born.
  • One year later:
  • Aldebaran arrives from being transported eighteen years from the future to the past.
  • One year later:
  • On February 2 Ram and Rem are born.
  • One year later:
  • Volakia Empire sells articles associated with the witch, so that Regulus Corneas is in charge of destroying Fleur, and in the process passed Kurgan.
  • Regulus Corneas decided to make Sirius the Sin Archbishop of Wrath. Capella got Regulus' permission to kill Nathan, however Nathan activated his blessing of Motion and escaped from the 6th continent and fled to Kingdom of Lugnica
  • Two years later:
  • On May 5 Mimi Pearlbaton, Hetaro Pearlbaton and Tivey Pearlbaton are born.
  • Three months later:
  • Nathan Harmonia arrived in Icathia and decided to restart his life from zero. He opened a cafe and renamed himself to N.
  • When Hakugei approached, Heinkel was ordered to lead a group of men to defeat him, but he was so afraid that Thearesia would take his place. However, during the battle, Reinhard became the new Saint of the Sword, and therefore, Thearesia without his powers died during the conflict. Apparently, Pandora was responsible for what happened.
  • A daughter of Lugnica's performer was lost, therefore Wilhelm embarked on a mission to find her. However, he returned without finding it.
  • On 8 August, Nathan Harmonia meets the lost daughter, whom he raised and then called Felt.
  • The next day:
  • Reinhard and Heinkel blame Wilhelm for letting Thearesia die, he left the Royal Guard, making his family hate him more.
  • Two months later:
    The Tinsel Past

    The sanctuary past of the Tinsel family

  • Garfiel Tinsel was born on 12 October.
  • Days after:
  • Roswaal takes Reala Thompson's family to the Sanctuary, where she obtains a house to live in, but eventually abandoned her two children, Frederica and Garfiel, in an attempt to find her missing husband. However, she did not return, since she married another man, Garek, and they had a son, Fred.
  • Two years later:
  • Petra Leyte was born on February 14.
  • Otto has difficulty controlling the divine protection of Kotodama, and began to cause failures in his family.
  • One year later:
  • Crusch meets Fourier
    Crusch and Fourier

    Fourier meets Crusch

  • As it was a human room, Frederica manages to escape from the Sanctuary, however, Garfiel chose to stay, since he was afraid of the outside world and thought that his mother had died. With time Frederica began to work like servant for Roswaal and Annerose, becoming the leader of the maids.
  • One year later:
  • Crusch finds Felix locked in the basement of the Argyle mansion, and takes him to the Karsten mansion to take care of him.
  • Anastasia encounters an artificial spirit, Echidna, with whom she got along very well and kept it in a handkerchief.
  • Date unknown:
  • Following in the footsteps of her book, Roswaal led the Witch Cult to attack the Oni people, leaving Ram and Rem alive, who later also worked as maids. Of them, only Ram had lost his horn.
    Rams horn cut

    Ram's horn got cut off

  • After having spent almost a frozen century, Pack releases Emilia and makes a contract with her, replacing her memories with fakes.
  • Otto gets in trouble with the nobility for spoiling someone's honor, so he ran away from his hometown with Verhoe.
  • Elsa begins to knit cotton dolls. At some point he killed a man with a glass after stealing something. From there he began a criminal career with the Organization of Murders.
  • Biehn murdered his wife Hannah at the thought that she was blaming him for everything. Since then, he decided to find a way to take Felix, thinking that his magic could revive him.
  • The Ryuushika Business Association was founded, but later were bought by Anastasia Hoshin, who soon changed the name of the company, making Kararagi a world power. He also hired his own private army, the Iron Fang. Like Mimi, Hetaro and Tivey had been abandoned by their parents, they were picked up by Anastasia who took care of them.
  • Three years later: (that Anastasia knew Echidna)
  • Fourier was going to attend a arranged marriage, however, Felix pretended to be his betrothed, causing Tiriena to cancel the plans.
  • One year later:
  • Zarestia loses his position as a spirit after losing to Pack in the Elior Forest.
  • Three years later:
  • On Crusch's seventeenth birthday, both she and Meckart's forces frightened Oousagi from approaching the territories of Karsten. Back at the party, Fourier danced with Crusch.
  • Two years later:
  • Felix joins the Royal Guard, making friends with the Knights Reinhard and Julius.
  • Priscilla has been engaging seven husbands, with each marriage ending with the death of her husband, earning her the nickname of "blood-stained bride."
  • A week later:
    Crusch beats miles

    Crusch defeats Miles

  • Biehn deals with Miles, a slave trader. When Crusch finds out about the negotiation, he decides to find out what he planned, but is captured and locked in the basement of the Argyle mansion.
  • The Royal Guard confronts Miles's animated corpses, while Felix retrieves Crusch, and temporarily animates Hannah, who murdered Biehn. Finally, Reinhard assassinates to Miles when it tried to resist to be delivered.
  • Fourier along with the rest of the royal family begin to suffer a terrible incurable disease.
  • Months later:
  • Emilia and Pack meet Roswaal, who, taking possession of the forest of Elior, sent them to live for a time in the Miload mansion, where Annerose and Clind deduced that it was another semihuman sent to work, so they called Frederica, who taught her Emilia the basic tasks in place.
  • Days after:
  • After cleaning the remains of a broken vase, Emilia is taken by Annerose to her room to argue, then taught her magic in order to take the place of Roswaal someday. In hours, Roswaal appears surprised of what happened, then clarified the misunderstanding with Emilia and transported it to its mansion, where it would enlist as future candidate to the throne, this knew thanks to the book.
  • One month after:
  • Fourier dies during a talk with Crusch about the dream he had for the two of them together.
    The dream the Lion king had

    The Lion king dies

  • The royal family passed away, so the council of wise men chose to take over the country until a new king, who according to the prophecy of the rock of Volcanica, had to select five worthy persons so that only one made the pact with him, Crusch, Priscilla, Anastasia and Emilia being chosen at the moment.
  • Date Unknown:
  • Priscilla kept a tournament for her new knight, and to her suprise, Al won the tournament.
  • 1 year later:
  • Priscilla recruited a orphan to her camp, Schult
  • Crusch becomes the owner of the Karsten House, Felix becomes his knight, and Wilhelm agrees to be his steward on the condition that he help him avenge his wife by hunting Hakugei.
  • Julius becomes the knight of Anastasia.
  • A month later: (from the engagement of Leip and Priscilla)
  • Both Aldebaran and Schult refuse to help Leip to continue with his evil plan, so Aldebaran ends up killing him. Later, Priscilla decides to forgive them and becomes owner of the Barielle House.
  • Date Unknown:
  • The Emperor of Vollachia calls Reinhard to visit him. Suddenly, Julius is accused of killing Balroy, fortunately his friends Reinhard and Felix helped capture the real culprit, Gramdart.

Year 500Edit

  • One year later: (of the death of the royal family)
  • Emilia told Roswaal that she will go on a mission in the Capital and left the Mansion for a couple of days.
  • Frederica stopped working as a maid for the Roswaal mansion.
  • Roswaal hires Elsa to steal Emilia's badge.
  • Arc 1:
  • Jens got summoned to Lugunica by Satella
  • Jens meets Emilia and Pack. She introduced herself as Satella to make him scared, however, Jens didn't knew who Satella was as he wasn't from Lugunica.
  • In the capital, Jens met Reinhard van Astrea and Angel. He asked Angel to come with him to the cafe and she did.
  • Jens meets Nathan Harmonia and Felt with their nicknames N and Gold Breeze.
  • Elsa Granhiert tracked Felt and tried to kill all of them including Emilia. However, this wasn't stated in the contract which Roswaal and Elsa made.
  • Felt unleashes a legendary skilled ability which hasn't got a official name. Elsa mentioned it is related to Wind and has the nickname Blessing of the Wind.
  • Reinhard van Astrea shows up and blows a fatal hit on Elsa, pushing her to flee away.
  • Jens lost too much blood and falls.
  • Arc 2

Year 501Edit

Year 502Edit

Year 503Edit

Year 504Edit

Even een TestEdit

Arc 25 - Lugunica War III.

Dit wordt een van de grootste Arcs

Arc 26 - Lack of Time

Waarschijnlijk geintroduced na Arc 20

Arc 27 - The journey to the tower of power

oh hell yes.

Arc 28 - Goddesses of History

Like, wtf was i thinking

Arc 29 - Offer your Heart

Too much blood

Arc 30 - Love

Too much feels

Main StorylineEdit

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