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Team STRQ (pronounced as "Stark") was a team comprised of Summer Rose, Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen and Qrow Branwen.

STRQ graduated from the Hometown Warriors Academy prior to the events of the Destruction of Runeterra. Qrow mentioned that they were rather well-known during their Warriors time, suggesting a similar reputation and accomplishments to the team which their children became part of, Team RWBY



Somewhere around 100 years ago, Team STRQ got created.

Taiyang mentioned that Raven had unspecified faults that tore Team STRQ apart, also mentioning that she is affiliated with the death of Summer Rose.


  • The team name is intended to evoke the phrase "stark white".
  • All of the members of STRQ are related to Rose and/or Yang Xiao Long:
    • Summer Rose is Rose's mother and Yang's step-mother.
    • Taiyang is their father.
    • Raven is Yang's mother.
    • Qrow is Yang's biological uncle and Rose's honorary uncle.
  • They share a similar color theme to Team RWBY:
    • Red for Raven and Roses.
    • White for Summer and Weiss.
    • Black for Qrow and Blake.
    • Yellow for Taiyang and Yang.