The witches of Sin is a group of witches that brought evil in the world.
Witches of Sin


The Witches of Sin were active 500 years ago before six were killed by Satella, who was later sealed in a shrine made of sealing stone near a large waterfall, rumored that it is currently watched over by Volcanica. According to Sekhmet, Jens is the third person to meet three witches in a row with the other two being Reid Astrea and Flugel.


Each witch has two image colors that represent them; Echidna's are white and black, Minerva's are blue and white, Sekhmet's are black and gray, Daphne's are black and purple, Typhon's are blue and green, Carmilla's are red and pink, Pandora's are gold and white and Hector's are gold and brown.






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